Hardware and licence shipping

4IT Kft. provides hardware, software and licence shipping for its clients. When shipping hardware and software licences, we take special care that our clients only purchase hardware and software that they really require to satisfy their business needs, and in quantities they really use. Our proposals are based on our own system for hardware and software licence management. Thanks to this, our clients’ IT expenditures can be reduced.
It is not among our goals to ship to our clients such hardware and software that they do not really need. We always strive to achieve that investments act as an optimal solution for our clients on the long term. Therefore acquisitions are proposed after careful planning and coordination with clients, avoiding ad-hoc acquisions.
As we do not have commitment to any vendors, but maintain close relationships with big vendors, we always customize hardware and software requirements objectively. Our portfolio is very wide, concerning both software and hardware procurement.
4IT’s biggest partners are Microsoft, Symantec, CheckPoint, Veeam, HP, Dell, Lenovo (IBM).