Operation and support

4IT Kft. is a professional service organization, which ensures availability of corporate information systems of its clients, according to business expectations. This is accomplished with processes that are controlled and transparent to the customer. Our company takes over every sub-task of operating information systems. Our main areas of service include receiving and handling user reports, maintenance of network, hardware and software infrastructure, guaranteeing the safety of the information system and its data. Our operation and support services are built upon guidelines based on international research and experience (ITIL,MOF). We add our years of experience to make them customizable to the needs of our clients. Within the operation and support services, emerging problems are handled by the 3 level serving model as suggested by ITIL. These include telephone and e-mail based helpdesk service, second and third level expert support. Based on the above, we have created our methodology, which governs our operation services, so the following hold true for each or all of them:

  • Works along transparent, easily parameterized and measurable processes
  • In expenditures, its effectiveness is apparent
  • Can be covered by service agreements (SLA, OLA, etc)
  • The various phases are easily trackable
  • Predictable

While keeping the above in mind, we operate and support parts or all of our clients’ information infrastructure, while serving every need of those who receive the IT services. During making the contract, we focus on the needs of our clients, as we set the expected and undertaken corporate service levels. We start our services according to these. Agreements made this way guarantee that both parties will enjoy a long and mutually beneficial cooperation. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) describes the relationship between users and the provider, and the operation of services. It is important to define each area of service. The service needs to be defined (exactly what the provider does and how). In accordance with this, measurability is extremely important. That is, the customer knows exactly what he or she is paying for, and how much, and can see where it shows a return. Reports about the service show how these principles are met in reality. An SLA-based service can only be started cost-effectively, if we suppose a long term relationship. Services in our portfolio can be flexibly combined in order to provide optimal content.

Our services:

  • Service Desk – 24/7
  • User support – Desktop support
  • IT operation, infrastructure management
  • – Infrastructure and system support
  • Diagnostics, monitoring
  • Information infrastructure audit