The Guard framework

Framework optimized for reception of signals from The Guard digital beacons

Technical parameters:

  • Programming interface:
    • .NET 4.5 – C#
    • WPF client side display technology
    • Entity Framework 6.0
  • Supported operating systems:
    • Client: Windows7, 8, 8.1
    • Server: Windows 2008 (R2), Windows 2012 (R2)
    • Database: Microsoft SQL 2008 (R2), Microsoft SQL 2012 (R2)

Technical features:
The Guard Framework is server-client component based. Basis of the framework engine is provided by the Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 database manager, to which the client connects via a SQL connection. The system’s module interconnects unique signals originating from digital signal sources, and displays them on a map interface. Connection to the SQL databases is via standard database access protocol. Incoming events are processed by the server side application’s component, and it is sent to the client workstation for displaying. The system supports redundant mode for high availability. The system implements warm reserve mode using SQL replication. In the setup, client workstations normally connect to the main server, and are notified about the status of the reserve server. In the event of server outage, the client software automatically connects to the reserve server and continues operation. When the client software starts, and the primary server’s component is not running, the client automatically connects to the secondary server. The redundant operating mode in the client software can be monitored constantly, and can be reconfigured as needed.
The application is modular and event driven, which makes it possible to add new components to the system – in addition to the existing functions – without modifying the framework. Availability of the source code makes it possible to add new functionality and components to the system.