SCSM Add-ons

SCSM 2012 R2 Add-on applications

  1. Maintenance Scheduler – Create incident/change claim automatically at preset time about frequent maintenance and system administration tasks.
  2. Display of announcements on the SelfService portal interface, whose content depends on the LoginUser’s AD Department classification.
  3. Direct Assignee – person responsible for incidents can only be chosen from the resolving team.
  4. Element can be chosen from a one level Status list, its behaviour can be uniquely set.
  5. Auto Close: Incidents/Claims in Resolved state are put to Closed state, if for X days from the date of resolution, no complaints are received from an Affected User.
  6. Special search – searches the entire database quickly and efficiently based on simple search criteria settings, lists results.
  7. Request for survey about incident management on the web interface, the result is written into the incident, can be reported and a workflow started on it.

Copy Incident – if a report can be traced back to a similar error, it clones the selected incident, the affected user needs to be reported to HelpDesk personel.