IT infrastructure audit

Nowadays information systems play an increasingly critical role in the operation and business life of companies, regardless of the company’s business segment. As such, it is inevitable that its functioning, operating, and protection be optimal. This can be assessed by an external company in the form of an audit.

Colleagues of 4IT Kft. have substantial and wide experience in introducing, implementing and operating information systems. It is part of our services that systems ensure the optimal resource utilization and maximal security of environments, and support the most effective way of operation.

Based on our experience in activities in the IT field, we undertake IT overviews of information systems and prepare them for internal and external audits in the following fields:

  • Infrastructure – After examining the hardware and software environment, we offer advice on restructuring that results in better resource utilization and licence usage while helps attain higher service levels
  • Security – The purpose of reviewing security settings and policy rules is to offer proposals which will result in a better protected informatics environment from every perspective
  • Operating effectiveness – Besides technical requirements, information systems must be operated effectively in order to reduce workload of colleagues operating the systems with few resources. After the audit, we offer methodological proposals and administrative tools to attain an optimal level.