Office 365

Today, the use of cloud-based services is becoming more and more widespread. Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud-based service, which, among other things, includes the well-known Office tools. Thanks to the flexibility provided by the cloud, Office 365 makes office applications and files created by them accessible everywhere, so our clients use these services more and more often. Because this is an emerging field of technology, clients have little experience with it. We aid our clients in transitioning to cloud-based services.
Most of our clients already have their own mailing system, therefore transitioning to Office 365 includes migration of the whole mailing system, moving entire mail accounts to Office 365.
Mailing systems used by clients are often linked with other systems, which means that transfering mail accounts to the cloud entails modification of these associated systems as well. As we hold widespread experience with various IT systems and services owing to our work installing and operating them, most of the time we can offer more effective assistance in introducing and transitioning to cloud-based services, compared to other companies.