CRM online

With the Microsoft CRM Online customer contact manager solution, the company can make its sales activity more successful, it can provide customer service with outstanding quality and it can make quick and grounded decisions. It can be used from Microsoft Outlook and from the web as well. It makes register of potential buyers and sales opportunities as well as the measurement and forecast of sales results easier and quicker.
It records and makes it possible to search back the communication with buyers and automate certain parts of the sales process.

Customer register

CRM handles the data of customers in a central location. The co-workers can obtain them with the right authorization.

Customer Contact

Custom or group – e-mail, fax, SMS – message or newsletter can be sent quickly and cost-effectively. I gives an opportunity to forward newsletters quickly and simple. Pictures, links, banners and other attached files can be sent in the letters. Before the sending, it can be chosen from the company register module, that to which company or company-group and on which communication channel do we send the actual message. A confirmation is generated about the successful delivery (email, fax, SMS).

Retail support

The retail support module makes it easier to manage potential customers and retail opportnities, measuring and predicting results of retail activities. Records communication with customers and makes it searchable, and automates parts of the retail process. These shorten cycles of the retail process, and also improves the ratio of successful deals and levels of customer retention. Features callback reminder and sending of contract and licence anniversary notifications, recording and managing data of potential customers and retail opportunities. Parts of the retail process can be automated using rules and workflows. A shared and searchable library can be assembled from retail and marketing background material, the content of which can be modified as needed. For example, brochures, studies, and information about competitors can be stored in the library. Viewing, filtering and sorting of numerous statements helps to identify trends, measuring and precting results of retail activity, monitoring retail processes, and evaluating business performance.

Management of documents

The document generator automates creation of documents that previously have been created manually in a word processor based on a document template:
For example, submission, proposal, contract, report, worksheet, TIG, etc. The unified document can be in docx, xls or pdf format. It provides electronic storage and quick retrieval in a way that users can always access their stored documents according to their own criteria (ordered by topics and into folders). The system features sophisticated privilege management and data security protection.


With the workflow module, any authorizing or other kind of workflow can be created quickly and intuitively.
It is based on electronic messaging, so email notification (SMS if needed) is sent about forwarding and urgency warning tasks.
Users can check the status of processes that they started. The system enables scheduling each step of the workflow.
One can set whether to receive notifications before the estimated finishing of the step, or after the deadline. During the activity, the system can send notifications in every hour to the one responsible for the workflow step.